Tuesday, January 12, 2010

annual gathering

by: D

he batch is expected to meet again before or by the end of this month. this is in preparation for the upcoming grand alumni homecoming of coc-phinma on February 2010. so far, things went well for the batch members, number of members in the yahoo group did increase though very minimal. Nonetheless it is a good sign that we are reaching out and indeed have reached out. we need to double our efforts to achieve our goals. we may have been very silent lately but certainly not complacent. we did our best to retain the camaraderie, the bonding, the aspirations as well as the goals that we wanted to achieve. however, due to time constraints we are so sorry that we were not able to hit our target but still optimistic that we will make it in some other time.

Meanwhile, we go back to the basic. we again call for each batch member to join us in these projects for a cause. so far, we have started a good way of reaching out to the rest of the members we could think of and hopefully in due time we will multiply. with your help and mine, we will reach our destiny! let's not only be concerned with our past, and the present, let us also look forward and think of our future...let's hold our hands together and move forward!

See you around guys...

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  1. I'm coming home on the 21st of January till Feb 20th. See you all. When diay ang alumni HC sa COC na pud Ne? Neneth